My workflow for scanned textures

  1. First scan a surface like a normal model
  2. Import the surface to Blender
  3. Create a plane and UV map it to a square
  4. Bake diffuse, normal-map and displacement-map
  5. Now open the textures in Krita and make them seamless
  6. Last create a roughness-map in Blender and scale the textures down for in-game use

My workflow for scanned models

  1. First of all I have to go out in the nature, or somewhere and take mmaaanny picture of the same object. This sound easy, but if you want no stretched textures and a good topology it becomes more difficult.

  2. In the second part I have to bring all the stuff on my Computer. Sometimes it is necessary to mask out every picture. Luckily I will build a little studio in the next year which will automate this work for (just for small objects I can take home).

  3. The third step is to compute the orientation of each picture to the other pictures, then create a dens point cloud (many points in a space). After this I can create a first mesh from the points and, if I want so a texture based on the taken pictures as well.

    I close meshes by hand in Blender, like the ancient pillars or some of the rocks.

    Next I export the mesh and the textures to Blender

  4. I decimate the mesh using Meshlab and then transfer the textures to the mid- and low-poly versions via Blender texture-baker.
    Of coarse I have to create Uvs for each new model.

  5. The last step is to export all Textures ( diffuse / albedo, normal-map, and displacement-map ), create a second, more low resolution texture set and upload all textures and different file types of the meshes to CGTrader.

    Sounds Interesting? have a look at CGTrader!




Since Summer 2016

I started to create Textures from scanned surfaces. The pro is that the result looks extremely realistic. The con is that I have to do much more work. I already uploaded some texture-packs to CGTrader, ready to be used in games and offline render projects.

Since October 2015

I started capturing meshes without holes via custom masks, the outcome is a fully scanned mesh. Next step will be to create a lightning condition which allows me to capture de-lighted pictures for best possible meshes.

visit the links to watch the models:

Highres. Pumpkin Seed Bread

Dark Bread 02

Dark Bread 03